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Weston Middle FAQs

  • Lost and Found is located in the Cafetaria. 
    The Main Office will hold cell phones, watches, eyeglasses and any valuables. 

  • Always call first thing in the morning to report an absence or if your child will be late.

  • Ipods are not allowed in school.  Cell phone use during the school day is also prohibited.  Any student bringing a cell phone to school must keep it in his/her locker during the school day.

    For more information regarding school policies, please see the Parent/Student Handbook below.


    For information regarding curriculum, please see the Program of Studies below. 


  • Your child should bring in a note from you to the main office on arrival to school.  He will receive an early dismissal slip which is to be signed by his teacher and will enable hm/her to leave class.  On his way out he is to drop off the slip to security.

    Parents are required to come to the front office if no permission slip was written or there is an emergency leave required.